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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

All Saints Maidstone Flower Festival 3

Hi folks,
we so enjoyed seeing the beautiful flowers that I could not resist making a third blog.

Full image with the window, the display and Mary. (window made possible with two images merged together).

" St Bertha" a christian princess married to King Ethelbert

Other side of "St Patrick" with Shamrock of individual leaves mounted in an Oasis (I was told this).

" St Matthew"

Flowers on the Pew Ends.

 "St Paul" 

"St John the Baptist".

I think a special thank you to the 26 Arrangers who did a fantastic job.

I suggest you put next years in your diary now so that you don't miss this amazing spectacle in God's house.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Fabulous picture Mike .. such lovely flowers.
    I am glad to be back and playing catch up ... I gave the internet a break for a couple of weeks.... Facebook, my blog etc...... missed it a bit but not that much lol!
    E xx

  2. Love the full glass window,the flower arrangers did a fantastic job, and put a lot of thought into each arrangement, will put in my diary for next year.Thanks for taking me.

  3. I did not realise I was so far behind with your blog Mike.

    Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to produce these flowers seeing what the weather has been like.

    A great blog full of colour as well as a good day out.

  4. Well I've nearly caught up now Mike and it has been
    such a treat to return to......Your flower shots are truly beautiful.....Just loving what you give us Mike, dont stop !!!
    Chris and Dave R