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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Flower Festival, All Saints Church, Maidstone, Kent

Hi folks,

on Friday, Sue, Margaret and I went to Maidstone to visit All Saints Church Maidstone and record the flowers at the festival. The theme was" A celebration of the Apostles and the Saints of Kent"

Inside this vast Church was a multitude of flowers, first off the Altar with three Bouquets representing Christ the King. To the left of the altar is St David and right is St Andrew.The screen in front  of the window is a Victorian addition added later which sadly cover the main window. This window with conventional photography would have blown out light wise due to the light from behind so two images of different exposures were placed one on top of each other to give this result.

Saint Augustine of Canterbury was considered to be the founder of the English Church in the year 597, note the Mitre to the side.

Font with Baptism Shell and a reflection of the church in the jug.

Saint Catherine of Alexandria, martyred in the 4th century with Peacock Feathers in the display.

Close up of the feather on the floor.

Saint Thomas of Canterbury. This depicts the murder of Thomas Becket in 1170.

One of the many other windows in the church.

Saint Cecilia, she was the patroness of musicians.

Saint Patrick, known as the Apostle of Ireland.

This is the first batch with more to follow, thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike


  1. When you are overlaying one picture over another, do you use a tripod, or just allow the camera to take multiple exposure on a bracket setting?

  2. Thank you for visiting our Flower Festival it was a really successful weekend. I eagerly await some more of your wonderful pictures. David - Festival organisor.

  3. Thanks for the comment David, I really enjoy phptographing these wonderful places. I have a few more to put up tonight.

  4. One comment on your mention of Augustine establishing Christianity in England. Every body forgets Bertha (539 Рc. 612) she was the Queen of Kent whose influence led to the introduction of Christianity to Anglo-Saxon England. She married King ̠thelberht of Kent bringing her chaplain, Liudhard, with her to England. Bertha established a church in Canterbury dedicating it to Saint Martin of Tours before Augustine arrived from Rome in 6th century. The site of Bertha's church is still a Parish Church today.

  5. Hi Mike, nice to be home......super stuff !
    The peacock feather, the stained fact
    the whole post is so colourful and informative.......
    nice to come home to,
    Chris and Dave R