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Monday, 17 June 2013

Return to the Remembrance Poppy Factory

Hi folks,

Starting the second part with more intricate poppies made in the Richmond factory, I have never seen any like these before.

We were by far not the first to tour the factory and this man was very proud in displaying his picture with Her Majesty. 

Some Work in Progress on this "Cavalry Old Comrades" wreath, this time not poppies but rosettes.

This machine took about half a dozen flat poppies and "heat pressed" them into the crinkly poppies you see in the foreground.

This has instructions so that the correct forms are made.

Close up of Poppy and Rosette wreaths.

Here we were able to make our own poppy, the device is designed so that it can be made with one hand although we used two.  The stem is placed into the slot, the leaf has a little hole which is positioned on top followed by the poppy with a little hole then snap on the black button top and there is Margarets' poppy made.

This is a photograph of the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior in Westminster Abbey.  
The tomb is surrounded by an oblong frame of poppies supplied by the Poppy Factory and which is renewed twice a year.

This machine as you can tell cuts out the poppies, the surplus which is being wound onto the spool at the top isn't wasted but given to organisations for bunting.

Just to finish my tour to you........... The old poppy cutting machine, not used now but still in working order.

So there you are Blog followers, I shall now hand the reins back to Michael who I hope will carry on keeping you entertained.

Hope you enjoyed the visit and thanks to Sue for the photographs and the text.

Best Regards, Mike


  1. Fantastic... I really enjoyed reading this post Sue/Mike... super pictures and a grand tour of an interesting place/subject ..Ta for that
    Eileen xxx

  2. Super Sue strikes again .........
    Interesting, informative and great 'narration'....
    no offense Mike ! Love all your blog posts !!
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Come on Mike and Sue.....I'm getting 'withdrawel' syptoms !
    Missssssing my dddddaily dose,
    Chris R

  4. Sorry Chis, not been to good. X

  5. Oh sorry to hear that Mike......Do get
    better soon, all the best !
    Chris R

  6. Great blog Mike and something different.

    I hope you are feeling better.