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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Remembrance Poppy Factory, Richmond

Hi folks,

Sue went with a small group to the poppy making factory in Richmond and I thought you might like to share the sights with her.  I have handed the Blog over to her so she can tell you about her day there.

The Factory is just across the road from Richmond Park so Gill, Margaret and I sat eating our lunch in the park, not very much activity on the River Thames but it was very pleasant.

It seemed unfair that one oarsman was doing all the work but this just shows that there was some life on the River Thames through Richmond Park.

Well, I had to show this picture, Gill on the right patriotically flying the flag bag while Margaret on the left is displaying her new shopping bag!

We had an interesting talk about why the poppy was chosen as a symbol of Remembrance and how the factory came into existence before being shown around the factory.  

It was explained that if a member of the workforce didn't want to be spoken to they kept their headphones on and were able to continue listening to what they were listening to.  Also we could take as many photos as we wanted but were to ask the person involved.  Here we have a man proudly showing us a completed Poppy Wreath.

As you can see the poppies are put through and into the recesses in the discs and the bases are clipped on.

A teddy bear was left in charge of this workstation. 

Apologies for my next one but the "Seeing Eye" Labrador dived over to someone with his cuddly toy just as I pressed the shutter.  Michael thought it was relevant to the day that the lady at this workstation was partially sighted and had her dog with her.  The Lab would not settle again so here is my action shot!

There you have it for today the second part shows more of the Factory and what they have produced.

Thanks for looking.

Best Regards, Mike and Sue who took the pictures.


  1. Fascinating stuff Sue.....Such a lovely post, great shots and an education to
    me.....Never really thought about where poppies are made....One of those things that we take for granted !!!
    Grand Job Sue.....Girl power !!!!!!!!!

  2. P.s. Forgot to say that I fell down the stairs today and bruised and grazed both my arms but still managed to finish my stitching project ! Thanks so much for taking the time to look,
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Oh Chris, glad you are ok.
    Luv, Mike XX

  4. I'm getting nagged to make a comment. Nice picture of me and Margaret there Sue. One of our party had the audacity to ask how much a worker earn't, cheek of it

  5. I'll make another one now. I didn't realise I had red, white and blue on as well. Was asleep when I got dressed lol

  6. A lovely view of the River Thames at Richmond, Could I have a copy of those two old dears sitting on the bench, with their old bags. Mrs Egg.

    1. Michael will be more than surprised to see our Gill has made not one but two comments and I didn't notice that she was dressed in red, white and blue, did you? Picture on its way. xx

  7. A super post indeed .. Margaret and Gill look as if they are, or have been, 'up to something'!All the pictures are great, Sue and like Chris, ( ouch on your fall Chris!)I found this post fascinating . Great day out for all of us!
    Eileen xx