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Monday, 10 June 2013

Smarden, Kent

Hi folks,
back again after a wonderful weekend away with the Camping club. The camp site was very near to Smarden a quaint village to the west of Ashford.
You could go by car but we decided to walk across the fields via the public footpath about 30 minutes away.

getting down to it amongst the crops.

Over a bridge we came across a beautiful back garden to a property and peeked through the trees to have a look.

By the bridge was a stream with water Lily's basking in the sunshine. I met a couple doing Geo-caching and we had a long chat about the hobby before walking on towards the church in the distance.

Down a pathway into the village past these Wisteria growing over the fence.

We had arrived and I made a bee line for the pub, for a well earned pint.

Before you say it, yes we did visit the church but that's for later.

Thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike


  1. First off a big THANK YOU to Chris for always leaving such a lovely comments on here. Even though we and they have been away on holiday she still finds tine to leave a word or two. XXX

  2. welcome back. the pub looked great, what is an eco caching, is it something to do with watching waterlilies. or is it a modern gough. There's no stopping you now that you have joined the caravan club. Mrs Egg

  3. Mike you are so welcome !!! I love your blog....
    always a treat and your photos are really good......
    It should be me thanking you for all the effort !
    Love the wisteria and how did that pint go down ?
    Hope Sue had a thirst quencher too....
    Chris and Dave R

  4. A nice sunny day Mike, I feel like getting the rod and line out for the river

    I think I have found out why I am not getting email from you blog, Google keeps signing me out

  5. Super pictures Mike .. That wisteria!!!!!!! .. lovely post and great to see you having a good time .
    E xx