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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Exhibition Part 2

Hi folks.
as promised a few more of these sculptures before the display goes to Chichester.

Continuation of the bike theme

The display was cleverly set out to meander down the Cathedral.

House building, with so much invested in our property.

The burden of house ownership.

Not sure on this one whether it is separation and divorce or just holding your property in pride? Perhaps Randy will comment

Holding  dog, depicting family life.

This one is already sold and depicts the weather and the sunshine.

Final one which is large is a poem in a man.

The exhibition finishes on Monday the 26th August and I think is well worth a visit.

Thanks for looking, best regards, Mike


  1. Thanks Mike... some very interesting work here... no Ferrets though! Maybe I'm wrong but the light-hearted work with the bike leads me to believe the artist loves the outdoors and two wheels but his mood seems to darken as soon as he steps into bricks and mortar! Me too! give me the sunshine,trees and the birds singing every time!
    E xxx

  2. Moment to Moment - a Pilgrimage is a journey which transforms the playful depiction of the ‘stuff’ of daily
    life – the exuberance of childhood, family, relationships, as well as cars, trees, the doors and windows of
    home – into a spiritual awakening. The pilgrimage proceeds to a tranquility, floating above, in a higher

  3. This is a depiction of our lives and I think we can all relate to it....very cleverly done ! Another fabulous post to ponder Mike...... and another sunshiny day !!
    Chris and Dave R

  4. A lot of effort went in to these and they look great.

    Good blog Mike

  5. Hi Mr Mechanic, I agree with Trevor a lot of work and imagination went in to the sculptures, I t was great to get a reply from Randy. You should have asked him if he was the man sitting near the exhibits when you were taking the photos.
    Mrs Egg.