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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Portsmouth Kite Festival

Hi again folks,

1st day of the Festival proper and woke up to a cloudy sky expecting the rain to come from the east but fortunately the wind was from the west so we escaped it and only had high cloud.

Waking up to a different view from the van from yesterday, you can just see the memorial in the distance, just.
Thanks to Heather who tried to get on the blog yesterday the Memorial were erected after the first world war at the three main "mannng ports" there men signed up for service they commemorate those who lost their lives and are at Chatham, Plymouth and Portsmouth, all have the same design..

A few of the festival today and I took over 200.

"Kite lifter at the top of the group to hold the inflatables up.

Some of today's kites and there were many.

My favourite the Sea Anemone.

With Clown Fish peeping out, how clever?

well that's it from today, many more to see.

Thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike


  1. How fabulous Mike, the atmosphere must be so exhilarating !
    I agree the anemone is fantastic.....
    Thanks Mike for the cheery display.....
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Hi Mr Mechanic, Great weather for flying a kite, it's amazing how many different kites there are.Hope the weather stays good, we had a real downpour yesterday Mrs Egg.

  3. Thanks both, weather not to good this morning but hoping it will brighten up. Also thanks to Heather for the info.XX