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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Rochester Cathedral Exhibition

Hi folks,
yesterday we went to Rochester Cathedral to see an exhibition called "Moment to Moment" by Randy Klein.
The exhibition has already toured Italy and since been to Edinburgh and Ely, after Rochester it goes to Chichester.  There are 100 sculptures made of copper, steel and enamel and they basically tell the story of a life from the fun of childhood, family, sharing, nature, the weather and older age.

I am not going to show all 100 but just a few that I chose to display.  Below is the exhibition as laid out in the Cathedral.

Here is one from the group of "First Experience of Nature".....

Now our "person" owns a Car.....

Here is a running man, needing and getting exercise.....

Backtracking, this is called Mountain Bike and is from the "When we get our first bicycle" group, one of a set of five.....

Fun sharing a bike..... 

and now racing on our bike.....

That's part one, come back tomorrow for part two.

Thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike


  1. I thought the scuptures would have been larger. still it was cleverly displayed.

  2. Yes I have to agree, about 33cm or 12 inches in our old money. Like the pathway through the Cathedral approach with the use of a platform on stilts.

  3. It amazes me Mike how you find all this fascinating stuff !
    Have a great Sunday Mike and Sue......Got my son coming home today, so a great day for me,
    Chris and Dave R

    1. That's our Sue trolling all the adds,the local papers and a bit of luck. xxx

  4. Great stuff Mike and you didn't have to go too far to see it

    Nice work

  5. Thank you for posting this, Michael. The photos are excellent, really captures the spirit of the work, I think! - Randy Klein

  6. What super, clever work. I love the 'interpretations' not only visually but I laughed out loud when I saw 'sharing a bike' and LOVED the Mountain bike!
    Cheers Mike and good for Sue Your lovely researcher!
    Eileen xx