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Friday, 16 August 2013

Final Sculptures and Flowers in the Garden

hi folks,

To complete our wonderful day at Godinton House and Gardens.

This beast was in the centre on the Tennis lawn, not sure I would want him in my garden and Andy Murray would not want him either.

These eyecatching sculptures made of glass and stainless steel in the flower beds.

Going to seed!

Lily in the small pond within the walled garden.

Final rose all on its own in the garden, sign that autumn is on its way.

As we were about to leave this appeared from nowhere.  I shall leave it to the experts to tell me what it is called!

Whilst having a well earned cup of tea I spied this dead tree which was pure white in the field of cows.

Finally we say goodbye to this fine house and gardens as the clouds start to roll in.

Thanks for coming with us on our journey around this delightful place near Ashford.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Hi Mr Mechanic, Thanks for the rose and butterfly. The tree looked great.Mrs Egg

  2. Mike, I'm blown away.......Phew,It just gets better and better ! 'Going to seed'
    is a fabulous shot...The butterfly is so good too and I adore the' dead tree'...
    what a post !!!
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Mike, the butterfly is a Painted Lady. Great photos, not been to Godinton for years.

  4. Fab post mike ... great picture. What a stunning summer we are having .. good for you to get out with the camera.. and good for us to see the results! Number one for me..the seed heads and two has got to be the butterfly .
    Thank Mike xxxx