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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Kent Life with Daisy and the Snowflake Lookalike

Hi folks,
This week was great as our Daisy came to stay for a while due to the school holidays and we went to the farm and had a lovely lunch in the Malta Inn then back to the farm for the afternoon. The Kent Life Farm is great for children and even though it was a cloudy day the rain only pita pattered once. Here are a few of our wonderful day with our granddaughter.

First off an Alpaca or as Daisy's blog calls them "Not not Neddies".

This fine chap is being taken to a field to do some scrumpimg.

Here he is getting the apples, the other one took the easy option of eating them off the ground.

Daisy checking out her height in hands.

In the cuddle corner Daisy tried her hand with a big Rabbit. 

Then it happened, we were watching a lesson on feeding sheep and all of a sudden a Snowflake lookalike appeared in the hands of a young lady.

After looking around and having lunch it was time for Daisy to have some fun in the play area and soon made friends.

Lastly a couple on a Dragon type swing thing before it was 5pm. and the placed closed.

She had a very happy day and so did we.

Off home to make a list of animals she had seen today 14 in all and off to bed.

Thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Precious memories to cherish.....
    Bless her, she looked like she was having great fun ! I've had my grandchildren this week....sorry I did'nt comment yesterday but I'm up to date now !
    Chris and Dave R

  2. No problem Chis I expect you were exhausted like us, we were a bit concerned. Glad all is ok and thanks for the lovely comments. XXXX

  3. This post is wonderful Mike ... lovely pictures of your Daisy and great shots of the animals.. love the donkeys scrumping! .. That snowflake gets in everywhere!
    E xx

  4. Thanks Eileen, we love having Daisy, got another week of fun with her after she goes home for the weekend. xxx

  5. How lovely to see Daisy again. Great place Kent life. much better next door, the food is great, another snowflake, without her coat. Mrs Egg