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Friday, 23 August 2013

Kite Weekend

Hi folks, sorry for the gap in the blogs but back again and on to Portsmouth  Kite Festival.

First off we stopped at Scotts Haven nr. Wickham close to the South Downs.

Our Sue having a cup of tea.

The sky was a lovely colour over the tree tops and when we went for a walk the moon was big and round but just for once I didn't take the camera.  By the time we walked back to the site a huge streak of cloud had descended, maybe next time.

I took this deliberately from the van of our view of Southsea Common where we are parked for the Festival, the Memorial is I think identical of one back near home in Gillingham.

Here we are parked up for four day, wheel chocks down to level and off we go kite flying.

Just a few kites from today while everyone sets up, the Festival is Saturday and Sunday so watch this space and I will see what I can show you.

Another Edo for Gareth.

Seen this one before and it is quite large.

Well thanks for looking all we need is good weather and will be all set for a great weekend.

Best regards, Mike


  1. I haven't seen you with a kite in your hand for ages Mike!?!

    1. Wake up I flew at Woodchurch and the Hopfarm the other week.

  2. Looks a peaceful spot to stay. Glad Sue has the right idea, nothing like a cup of tea.

  3. Love the beautiful coral sky......Praying for a great weekend for you both....have fun !!!
    Chris and Dave R

  4. Have a great weekend. If any edos find their way into winnie, I will be willing to give them a good home ;)

  5. I hope the rain we have, does not find you and Sue, Mike... Good old winnie .. she takes you to some super places.
    Enjoy your weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing some more kites ... LOVE all the colours of 'em!
    Eileen xxx