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Saturday, 16 November 2013

All Saints, Graveney, Faversham, Kent

Hi folks,

from Sunday at the seaside we continued on to this lovely medieval church on the way to Faversham set in the marshes and returned on Wednesday when it was open.

Grandeur old oak wooden door as you enter the church. The construction and the use of materials sets it in the mid 12th century.

The pews on the south side are 15th century and were very uncomfortable.

This old English plaque gives some idea how old the church is and how our spellings have changed.

Fragments of surviving glass from 12th century made into this window.

This Church has it's original boxed pews and later added seats so that the congregation could face away from the altar when they had entertainment at the font end of the church.

These small fragments of glass were found in the church safe and were original 15th century glass made into a section of the window. They were refitted into the plain window in 2009 by "Friends of Graveney Church".

The Pulpit came from Faversham Parish Church with carvings of fruit and leaves.

A few more to come of this fascinating church, thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Makes me want to go there, The pews do look uncomfortable, but people wore more clothes than they do today, so they had more padding to sit on, Mrs Egg.

  2. Very atmospheric Mike, like travelling back in time, love the fragments window
    and that wonderful door ! Have agreat Sunday Mike and Sue !
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Cor blimey ... this is soooo interesting and I think we should go and see this Church... thanks Mike ... super pictures and a great post!
    Eileen xx