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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Playing on the Table!

Hi folks,

the other night Heather, a fellow photographer, came and we played about with a lightbox and some props indoors.  At the end of the session I really felt ill and went down with a bad cold so I was unable to do a blog until today, I am a little better so here goes.

Lightbox with Mirano Glass Sweets, (that's all we could afford from Venice).

Figurine of a small Sax player brought home from New Orleans.

Revolution Kite Flyer made locally by Andrew Bull and a present from my wife.

One of Heather's paper weights on her lightbox.

Another small model called "The Artist" made at the same place as the kite flyer at Ode Street nr Sittingbourne in Kent UK.

Heather's very small ceramic bear having a lie down.

Heather's very small model Fiat car now converted to right hand drive. (she has a real one in the same colour).

To finish up here is Sues' glass Duck with Butterfly.

We really enjoyed the evening and had a lot of fun.

Best regards, Mike.


  1. Some great images, Mike. It was a lot of fun, but I'm sorry to hear your cold got worse. Hopefully you're on the mend now. =o)

  2. Thanks Heather, yes it is clearing up. Thanks for coming.

  3. I have a light box for transferring my embroidery designs ! Probably not the same as you used !
    A fabulous idea to use the lightbox...great shots....Hope you're better soon Mike,
    Chris and Dave R

  4. That's different missed the blog. hope your cold gets better soon. mrs egg

  5. We've only used the light box for looking at transparencies, we must have a go at that, the results look super! Well Done! D, H, S & B

  6. Like this technique Mike... how interesting! .. Going back up fer another look ... Pleased your cold is getting better!
    Eileen xxx