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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Ferret Fun

Hi folks, I'm back again with a few images of the ferret show staged at Harrietsham in Kent today.

Friends of ours, Eileen and Ken showed there ferrets for the first time and Sue, Daisy and I went along to enjoy the day, this is what I captured.

The hall was full of cages with lots of different ferrets of all different shapes and sizes.

This is Kens first ferret called Snowflake waking up after yet another snooze.

Followed by Mr Brambles licking his lips.

Of course we must not forget the Stars of the show, Daisy and Holly who were ever so good all day in there cage but given a walk every so often. Of course the had a fuss made of then all the time.

Various other ferrets were being handled by there owners.

Of course we cant forget Daisy our granddaughter who is getting in the Christmas spirit already.

To finish is a few of the competitors in there cages and other odd items.

Love this one, the owner had a ball kicking around the garden and decided to cut a hole in it which his Ferrets love.

Eye eye, give me a treat.

Sleep time again.

Last close up, ready for another sleep.

Thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike


  1. AWwwwwww aren't they adorable ! Some lovely shots here Mike.......So glad to hear that you are mobile again, have a great Sunday,
    Chris and Dave R

  2. My sister used to keep a ferret as a pet in her late teens. He was known as Piglet, and would keep himself amused with a paper bag for hours.

  3. If we ever get put in a cage again we will dig a tunnel to get out!
    You know, we didn't even get a prize for being so good!

    Daisy & Holly

  4. Ooo Mike .. what a super post! .... good job we stayed awake with all that snoozing going on around us!
    it was great having you, Daisy and Sue there with us ... thanks for popping down.
    Daisy is a delight and all in all it was a very happy time! Great shots Mike... LOVE Mr Brambles licking his chops! lol
    Eileen xxx

  5. Great blog, didn't realise that there were so many ferrets, and Daisy and Holly should have had a prize for being so well behaved. lovely photo of our Daisy with her reindeer antles.