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Friday, 8 November 2013

Trip to Allington Lock, Maidstone

Hi folks,

at the beginning of the week Sue and I took a trip to Maidstone and a look around the lock before having lunch in the Malta Inn. It was another lovely day to be by the river.

Lock keepers hut.

Lock Keepers Cottage getting ready for Halloween, smashing decorations.

Canada Goose in the sun.

Looking over the Weir at a very angry river.

Looking up river towards Teston, water everwhere.

Few more to follow, thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Great picks Mike......The 'Mighty ' river did look rough !
    So what was on the menu for lunch then ! Hoping you're on the mend !!
    Chris and Dave Richards

    1. Lovely Mixed Grill and a Crumble Chris.
      Yep slowly on the mend, takes ages to get about. Have been told it takes 14 weeks so should be ok for Christmas. XXX

  2. Hi Mr Mechanic, great blog, love the lock keepers halloween decorations. the river looked cold and angry. Glad you had a nice meal. Mrs Egg.

  3. Love this post ... that lock keepers cottage looks brill! .. What a sunny day! .... pleased you are enjoying yourselves again Mike !
    Eileen xxx