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Monday, 11 November 2013

Whitstable Harbour

Hi folks,

on Sunday Sue, Heather and I went on a photo shoot to Whitstable to get some shots of this working harbour although it looked nice it was really cold even in the sunshine.

Setting up the tables for lunch in the sunshine.

All ready for the Cockles and Whelks.

Opposite is the famous Crab and Winkle Restaurant.

Rope was everywhere in different colours and sizes.

Even a metal fish above the Restaurant looked down on us silly people walking around in the cold.

All tied up for the day.

Black flags are used on fishing boats but somehow this Jolly Roger got in on the act.

Looking out to sea it was hard to distinguish between these Bollards and the birds.

Look out below!

First is a series from Whitstable, more to follow.

Best regards, Mike


  1. We love Whitstable and have eaten in that seafood restaurant many times!!
    fab pictures Mike... I can smell the sea lol
    Eileen xx

  2. Great shots, Mike! I'm nearly recovered from the cold now!

  3. Yes Eileen, so can I and it smells wonderful, love the seagull shot Mike !
    Chris and Dave R