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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Snapshot of Ramsgate Harbour

Hi folks,
 on Saturday a had the opportunity to go with a friend on a trip to the harbour to check that his boat was ok after the recent bad weather, as all as fine I thought I would explore some of the other boats in the area.

As the sun shone I captured some reflections in the water.

You probably noticed the grand building on the harbors edge, it is the Royal Sailors Rest.

In 1912 this boat was built for the Royal Navy.

It was one of the many famous boats used and bought back 130 men from the beaches of Dunkirk in June 1940

This old tug the Cervia is open to the public in the summer.

Local fishing boat setting out to sea.

This last one with the painted waves splashing our the side of the building took my eye.

Hope you enjoyed my trip around the harbour.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Hi Mike, a lovely 'nautical' theme......I adore the reflection shots, especially the second one , wow !
    Hoping you are well and improving daily !!
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Lovely. I really want to explore Kent's coastline properly. Perhaps a theme for next year's photographic jaunts.

    The painted waves thing is based on a famous Japanese print by a chap called Hokusai. It's officially known as "The Great Wave off Kanagawa". Here's the Wikipedia link about it.

  3. Great day to be at the coast, which boat is Keith' the nautical theme. Mrs Egg

  4. My comment from yesterday has not appeared... so here we go again!
    Lovely post Mike with great pictures as normal! .... LOVE the waves and you might see something like them again! ... great to see the little Dunkirk boats too!
    Eileen xxx

  5. Great Pics Mike just to add Sundowner took part in th eJubilee Pagent on the Thames last year and I do belive that Cervia was in Faversham Creek for he Nautical Festival earlier this year.

  6. A great blog Mike I glad you told me that you had put it up