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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Covent Garden

Hi folks,

this Saturday we had a trip to the Transport Museum but before we entered we took some time capturing the street entertainers.

This lot were advertising Airwick air fresheners.

Loved the eyelashes.

Sue (the wife) and Margaret, (Mrs Egg) got in on the act.

The theme was "fresh air" and I think they pulled it off with those colourful costumes and makeup.

Don't drop her!

Phew, she's ok. Those I-pads get everywhere.

Lastly a close up of a headdress, 

Well loads more from the market to come, thanks for dropping by.

Luv Mike


  1. Oooo ...what colourful and Fun Post .... terrific stuff Mike and great to see Sue and 'Mrs Egg' why is Margaret called that? lol
    E xxxx

    1. Mrs Egg originated from me calling her a "good egg" years ago when she did us a favor. Well it stuck and Margaret put "Mrs" in front so now she is affectionately known as Mrs Egg. XXX

  2. Lovely to meet you Mrs Egg ! A fabulous display of colour and I can smell the heady fragrance from here.....LOL.....Loved the 'thorn' between the two roses on the third pic down !
    Cheers Mike and Sue, have a great Sunday....
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Hi Mr part Mechanic, fabulous photos, the flower display in the dancers headdresses was wonderful. and the girl in the flower tub made a great display, thoroughly enjoyed the day, thanks for coming along. Mrs Egg.

  4. I seems to have missed about 6 blogs Mike, So well done on all of them.
    The girl in makeup reminds me of someone but I can't think who

    Good show all round