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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Bletchley Park, Home of the Code Breakers

Hi folks,

Earlier in the year we went on a coach trip to this famous place near Milton Keynes, it was a wet dull day but a very interesting one.

The Mansion and grounds which were the headquarters was bought after the owner died in the mid 1930's and due to its unique location between Oxford and Cambridge Universities and away from London was ideal for the task in hand..

Closeup of one of the Griffins which stand either side of the entrance.

Inside in the main hall is a bust of Sir Winston Churchill. 

Originally the entrance to the site, note the guard house on the right.

The site even had its own post office in fact it was a mini village.

Below is a memorial to the three Polish mathematicians who helped to break the code and also their contribution and involvement in the second world war.

One of the famous Enigma Machines on display in the Museum.

More to follow of this wonderful place and the dedication of its' people that helped shorten the war.

Luv, Mike


  1. And did you get a post card hand franked at the post office?

  2. Wonderful stuff Mike ! Love the 'griffin', Looks a bit like me first
    thing in the morning......Incredible achievements which saved many lives,
    Chris and Dave R

  3. This is a fascinating place and one I intend to visit... thanks for the look around Mike...
    Eileen xx