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Monday, 28 July 2014

Back to Buxton

Hi folks,
Just a few more of our trip in the Midlands.
As we parked up to explore this town famous for its' Water and Spar Baths we saw this rather quaint small railway viaduct.

After walking through the town we came across this very steep area aptly called " The Slopes" with its War Memorial overlooking the town.

Looking down across the valley in the distance which supplies the towns water.

In the centre you can see the The Devonshire Campus of the Derby University, the dome has a circumference of 46 metres.

At the top of the slopes a garden was laid out in front of the Pavilion with its Bandstand.

As the clouds rolled in we took sanctuary in this magnificent Victorian building.

Walking back down into the town, I snapped this youthful looking lady refilling her water bottle, she told me that she drank the water from here every day and I had to guess her age.  Very difficult, perhaps I should have guessed something like "80 years" but chose to veer on younger than I thought and she seemed happy!

Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. I didn't want a slap around the face.

  2. Hello Mike, a lovely post....did you drink the Buxton water ? As for the 'porky' you told, I think you were a perfect gentlman ! You must have made her day............
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Lovely area Mike.. fab pictures as always. I enjoy your posts so much... Beautiful pictures of places I would like to visit . thank you xxxx