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Friday, 11 July 2014

Shugborough Estate

Hi folks,

after the dog show we crossed the packhorse bridge to visit the estate and entered via the side entrance as we had walked from the van. Time was a bit short so we only visited the gardens and earmarked the place when we go back up north again.

The main house was very grand and the ancestral home of the Earls of Lichfield.

To the rear it was just as grand as the front with formal gardens laid out.

At the bottom of the garden was a river with long horns grazing on the opposite bank.

Walking back towards the house and the vivid green bushes either side of the path.

Delphiniums throughout the grounds.

Rather grand servants quarters with Ivy around the entrance, the building now houses the Museum, Tea room and the National Trust Shop. The Ivy continued along the building.................

and along the outer walls.

Bit of a whistle stop tour but we were short on time. Thanks for looking, luv Mike


  1. Looks nice . Well were in kent house sitting with a huge paint job to do. Arrived yesterday Friday. Traffic in kent is hell after 10 years in wales. Back to photos. Lovely job mike. Interesting parts of the uk.

  2. The house looks very grand, and I love the garden lay out, very formal, the cow looks a bit forlorn.
    Mrs Egg.

  3. Sorry Mike, I must be slipping cause this one eluded me completely ! A great post Mike, love the long horn who looks forlorn ! Those delphiniums look suspiciously like foxgloves to me ?
    Thanks for the tour ,
    Chris Richards