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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Buxton Thermal Baths

Hi folks,
just a few more as we stopped off at the baths for a look around, we walked through the door and found this amazing glass roof in the Cavendish Arcade.

The stairs lead to a coffee shop so up we went.

View of the roof from the top of the stairs. 

Glass Barrel Vaulted Ceiling.

Outside we sat down and had a drink.

The walls were decorated with Minton tiles from the original baths.

As we left.

The walls were covered in original Minton Tiles.

Back in the road again to the next stop, the "High Peak Trail".

Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. Oooooo.. Mike. I adore the colour of those Minton tiles with that sculpture dangley thing on them..feeling inspired to make a card with paste and a stencil ... I'll have a go on Sunday .. ta x
    LOVE that roof too
    E xx

  2. Amazing colours and shape of that !
    Didn't have a dip in the baths then ?
    Chris and Dave R