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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Medway Queen Update and Visit

Hi Folks,

Saturday, we had the chance to actually go on this fine historic ship which saved many lives during the evacuation of troops in the second world war. If you look closely you can see the mast of the Cambria, a Thames Barge behind which made an interesting maneuver as we climbed aboard the Medway Queen.

The barge which used sail only had to pull away from the jetty and was getting rather close so they lowered the life boat.

Using the lifeboat as propulsion the barge then moved away from the jetty and was on her way.

Back on board, we investigated the bow looking at all the new plate riveted in place.

and all the new brass portholes installed.

Apparently the decking on this level was original and has been treated and refitted, the deck above is new.

Looking through the port paddle.

Still a lot to do below decks as I climbed the stairs to be greeted by the newly painted funnel.

Back on the jetty nice to see her back in the water again.

We had a look around the museum and listened to the audio and archive footage on the monitors.

Lastly the ships whistle waiting to be fitted at the completion of the restoration.

Thanks for looking, if you Google the "Medway Queen" there is lots of fascinating information on its past and its gallant service in the second world war.

Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. Mike.... fabulous post.The craftsman involved with is project have done a fantastic job, Your superb pictures say it all ... enjoyed this posting very much ... Ta E xxx

    1. Thanks Eileen, hope you are enjoying yourself. XXXX

  2. Great photos. Hope the society get their funding. The Thames barge looked fabulous with it's sails .
    Thanks for a lovely day. Mrs Egg.

  3. Isn't she Majestic......all kitted out ! Thanks Mike, brings memories back of my sailing days !
    Chris and Dave R