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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Water and a Splash about!

Hi folks,

You will remember we had a bit of trouble with the internet whilst away up north so here's an update of what we did.

We stayed by the canal at Great Haywood with a splendid view of the narrow boat stop.

In the afternoon we strolled along the tow path to visit Shugborough Hall which used to be the Ancestral home of the Earls of Lichfield.  The boats were so well looked after bedecked with flowers and painted pots. 

To get to the Hall we had to cross the river running parallel to the canal by means of this "Packhorse Bridge" which is the longest still in existence in Britain and Grade I listed.

From the top of the Bridge you can just spy the dogs in the water, note the white blob in the distance towards the top left hand corner and remember, all will become clear later in the blog.

Seems like all the dogs in the area had come for a swim as the weather was warm. these three Labradors had the time of their lives trying to splash their mistress.

Remember the white blob earlier well it was a Springer Spaniel with his master on the bank throwing a ball in the river for him to retrieve.
The river had a weir which was quite deep so as he went in after the ball was thrown.....

He was trying to get up speed to catch the ball before it landed in the water but then he went into the deep water over the weir and ................... 

............. SPLOSH he went out of his depth.....

Being a great swimmer, out he came with his prize just a bit wet!

Next time we go into the grounds of Shugborough.

Luv Mike.


  1. The dogs looked like they had a great time.It's lovely to see how people maintain the narrow boats.

  2. Great action shots and wonderful folk art on the boats !
    lovely memories Mike.........
    Chris and Dave R