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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Cobham Hall, continued.

Hi folks.

to continue from the previous blog
More of the hand crafted wallpaper but from a different angle.

By enlarging the following picture you will see more clearly the cricketing history and the history of "The Ashes" associated with Cobham Hall, also below is a link.  The England team who beat Australia in 1883 and won back this really "jokey" trophy from Australia, was captained by Ivo Bligh who was a part of the "Darnley Dynasty" and "The Ashes" tournament was then born. 
Click the link below to find out more

We were in the Library and our guide, Christoph Ball a very knowledgeable local historian is standing in front of one wall covered in shelves and books.  The door knob that you see was originally concealed and the door opened by pressing together two books. 

Many of the paintings and artifacts were sold over the years the Darnley family owned the Hall to try to pay off debts but a few remain, this one is of two brothers looking proudly out with beautiful gilding all around.  

The ceiling of the Gilt Hall is two-storey high, covered in gilding and coats of arms, we wondered if the girls now living and studying there ever stand back and admire although perhaps not suitable for our 21st century living rooms!

The organ below was built by John Snetzler in 1778-9.

The balcony at the other end of the Gilt Hall.

Back outside we had a brief look around the grounds between the showers.

even a few fungi made an appearance.

We walked on into the sunshine.

As the sun appeared once more we stopped to admire the Cobham Golf Course with the clubhouse in the distance.

Glad the day stayed fine, thanks for looking, we hope you enjoyed our tour. Regards, Mike


  1. Hi Mike,Such a fabulous place....that ceiling is incredible, you can imagine how
    much work and planning went into the design ! I love the wallpaper too,
    Chris and Dave R

  2. It is great to be able to see images of the Chinese wallpaper at Cobham Hall, thank you for featuring them. I have done some research into Chinese wallpapers in Britain, and these images confirm that this paper is very similar to Chinese wallpapers at Erddig, Wrexham, and Nostell Priory, West Yorkshire. All three were hand-painted, but the painters obviously worked from master models. And all three have different background colours: green at Erddig, cream at Nostell (now darkened to brown) and obviously blue at Cobham Hall.