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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Trip to Clacton with a Difference

Hi folks,
well back after our long weekend away in Winnie and time to catch up.
Thursday last week Sue and I with Margaret and Roger went with a group to Clacton and then on Tiptree to visit the famous jam factory. All went ok until we approached Clacton and got caught in a massive traffic jam, after an extra hour or so on the road we arrived. The town was heaving with people for a weekday and as it was late arriving we plumped for fish and chips as you do.

Looking out to sea with loud music playing on the beach, whats going on I asked myself?

Even a Thames Barge made an appearance off shore.

The police launch made a brief run across the shoreline. Then it happened, the Clacton Air Show was about to start!

First was a Sea King (I think) with a display of flying taken from the Pier.

Followed by the Breitling wing walkers.

A fantastic display by them.

Well I could go on but it was 3pm and we had to leave to go to the jam factory so that was it from Clacton as the wing walkers sailed into the distance. Still we got to see part of the display which was a bonus as even the coach driver had no idea the event was on.

What about the jam factory, well that's another story.

 Regards, Mike


  1. Hi Michael, Great photos of the Air show, what a bonus for us. pity we had to leave early.Just looking at the wing walkers made me nervous. Loved the photo of the Sea King crew sitting at the door.
    Mrs Egg.

  2. Awesome pics Mike......they're great ! I dont want to see the 'Jam' post because being Diabetic, I'll
    get they make Diabetic jam too ?
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Cor... super post here Mike.... I bet it was wonderful ... shame about the Jam ( traffic) and Jam ( post!
    E xxx

  4. Got a message Mike that this brilliant blog was here