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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Trip to Tilbury

Hi folks,

Yesterday the four of us, Sue, Trevor, Daisy and Myself took a trip to Gravesend and then across the water to the Fort. Not a bad day and the sun shine was a bonus. Parked in the town centre and shared the cost, then walked to the landing stage which had moved a bit further down the river, this was the view across to Tilbury.

We missed the Ferry by a minute, still gave me time to get a shot of it as it sailed across the Thames.

On the Essex side we had a walk and passed this rather inviting pub so as it was nearly mid-day we popped in for some lunch, nice it was too. Just a rider about the Ferry, It cost us all of £2 for Daisy and being over 60 it was free for the rest of us as we all had bus passes that you could use on the Ferry. The Worlds End was a funny name for a pub but the food was out of this world.

After a short walk we entered the Fort by the magnificent entrance which was built to ward off any attackers as it stood high above the sea defenses.

Inside still left were remnants of World War Two dotted around.

Lots of space for Daisy to run around whilst we took pictures.

The Fort is actually below the water line on the river and it is held back by a wall which runs the length of the Fort keeping the Thames at bay.

At the rear of the Fort is a large defensive gate taking you beyond, will look at the other side later.

Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. Hi Glad you all enjoyed yourselves, the food in the pub is very good, Hope Daisy found it exciting, plenty to see there,

  2. Great post Mike.. informative with good pictures .. I always learn something from your trips!.. good to see Daisy having a good time too!
    E XX