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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Lichfield Cathedral

Hi folks,
continuing on our way home from the trip to the "Midlands" we stopped at Hopwas overnight and took the Express bus into Lichfield.  This bus is very quick as it does not go round all the villages into the town.  The amazing three spire Cathedral stands over Lichfield, we spent a long time there and took a lot of photographs.
The  West front was fascinating and adorned with many Monarchs, Prophets and Saints.

The rear is awaiting the refitting of its' restored stained glass windows although the stonework has already been renovated.  At the moment you can only see clear "isothermal glass" which will form a protective layer for the beautiful glass, hopefully a year or two should see this done. 

Juxtaposition of the Saints and Gargoyles.

 Outside Tomb in the South Transept

Christ blessing its people on the centre west front with the spire behind. 

Close up of the west front showing some of the many Monarchs.

One of the newly replaced Gargoyles showing the eerie green reflection of the newly formed moss below.

 Spouts from some of the Gargoyles mouths taking the rainwater away from the building.

Another one of the newly carved Gargoyles already starting to go green on the south side of the lady chapel.

Many more but too many to show, next blog shows the inside. Mike


  1. Great pictures Mike.. those gargoyles look very spooky ... never my favourite things! That moss reflection is very interesting and looking forward to seeing the completed windows when they get them finished and you go back to take some more pictures! lol

  2. Such a wonderful work of Art and architecture........Your pics show this off beautifully !
    Reminds me a little of the ' Sagrada Familia ' that I was so lucky to see in Barcelona........
    Just got back from Dorset and am wide awake in the early hours......Thanks for the lovely
    post to keep me company Mike !
    Chris and Dave R