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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Tilbury Fort 2

Hi folks,

Through the doors and out into the rear of the fort and a bridge to an island and another bridge across the moat, with a wonderful defence system in place.  The fort is completely surrounded by water.

Back in the main area at the rear of the fort, these copper doors leads to the gunpowder store to stop sparks.

Barrels stacked in special wooden frames.

Part of the munitions store with many tunnels below ground.

Lots of precautions had to be taken to stop explosions within the store as the notice below shows.

The walls are still scattered with WW2 armaments fitted to stop the possible invasion.

Looking out towards Gravesend from the fort in Essex.

Lastly an early picture of Daisy, our granddaughter below the statue of Pocahontas in the Churchyard in Gravesend Kent on the side of the Thames.

Thanks for coming on our trip to the Historic parts of Gravesend and Tilbury. Regards,Mike


  1. Very military post Mike....Daisy is growing so fast.......getting tall like her grandad !
    Chris and Dave R

  2. So lovely to see you all on Friday... and little Daisy is a joy ! .. fab picture of her here.
    Interesting post Mike .. might go and have a look see myself!
    E xxx