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Monday, 24 August 2015

Fowler Traction Engine

Hi folks,
this beast says it all, taken at the Tractorfest in Biddenden on Saturday in all its glory and yes its not a tractor but a traction engine.

Built in 1928 and constructed as a Road Roller, an original all steam engine was made in Leeds and spent its working life in Scotland.  In 1959 it was bought by J Boughton of Amersham famous for their tractor winches where it was used locally until the 1990's when it was converted to a replica "Showmans" and sold to a German Museum.  
In 2005 it was bought back to England and named "Sir Bernard" after Bernard Ruff an employee of J Boughton who was involved in much of the steam engine work.

It now generates electricity to run the organ.

Thanks for looking, Mike

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  1. Morning Mike .. doing my catch up again. I'm not really into steam engines but the details you provide in your posts makes it all interesting and the pictures are great as normal .
    Eileen xx