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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Prague, My View # 25

Hi folks,
well this is the last of my Prague blogs on this wonderful city and I hope you enjoyed the tour.
Time to get packed for the journey home although we had all day and the cases are stored in the hotel so we could enjoy the last day as the flight was not till the evening.

This building called the "Dancing House" or the "Fred and Ginger"  was started in 1992 and completed in 1996. It was built on a site that was bombed in 1945 by the united states and was deemed to be an accident as the weather was poor at the time. Hence the strange name, a lot of thought has gone into the building although it does not blend in very well to its surroundings

Looking up "Gingers" skirt.

Looking up from the Restaurant into the " hair" of Fred.

 and across the Valtala River, the Castle and Cathedral on the hilltop.

Looking down the river towards the Vysehrad, you can just see the towers in the distance.

The River Valtra is distinct and it has a weir across and  boats have to navigate the lock on the far right hand side.

The building has a cafe and a restaurant so you can admire views across the city whilst you dine.

After a nice drink we walked around the city for the last time and popped in to this Museum and spent os long in there taking pictures, to many to show.

but had to show this one, its five meters long and all made out of Lego bricks.

 Unique shoes shine shot, 

The transportation system was wonderful although the cobbles made your feet ache, walking shoes are the order of the day.

Back near the hotel and that familiar crest adorning the bus stop popping up again.

Lastly our hotel which was fantastic and always helped us with directions and information.

Thanks again for looking and we would recommend a visit to this wonderful city. I you would be interested in more images of Prague, check out our Christmas blog


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  1. Had a long look here and came back again today to comment .... I've really loved all these posts of yours, Mike ... interesting and informative plus super sharp pictures ... tidy! lol Eileen xxx