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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Prague, My View # 22

Hi folks,
Continuing with Prague another visit to a Synagogue, this time in the Jewish Quarter, the " Spanish Synagogue.

Looking up into the wondrous ceiling.

Built in 1868  it holds Concerts on a Monday night.

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Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. I wish we could have brought it all home with us, such beautiful scenes. xx

    1. Thanks love, we really had a great time and loads to remember. All the images are on our photo site to look at anytime we like. XXX

  2. Mike... I'm on a new PC and will be catching up with all your posts... Just letting you know I'm still here and looking at the beautiful pictures of Prague. I know there are others to see so will be visiting all the posts over the next few days... I do not want to gallop through the pictures and just leave comments ... they are all interesting and need time to study and admire the beauty.
    This post here, just blows me away with all the colours and details... Great pictures Mike of a wonderful place .
    Eileen xxx

  3. Hi Eileen, we know you have been busy. Thanks for leaving a comment. Seems like people have trouble with blogspot but I think it is is due to them not being signed in I love the format with being able to expand the pictures. Still at least we have a record of our holidays to keep.
    Hope all goes well with your little ones coming and tell Ken to keep his mits off your computer lol.
    I have had computer trouble as well but I didn't drop mine.

    Mike XXXX