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Friday, 7 August 2015

Prague, My View # 23

Hi folks,
bit of a sad blog today as we visited The Pinkas Synagogue, its walls are lined with 80,000 Jewish victims of the Nazi genocide from Bohemia and Moravia, made us both feel very sad but was very moving.

A close up of the names.

Pinkas Synagogue is a Memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. the name Pinkas Horowitz was the grandson of a wealthy Jewish man and had the place built.

Moving on to the square by the river I was amazed at the Lion and took a closer look at the inscription.

How strange that it took till 2014 to acknowledge them.

Back to the river and the Valtava and this fantastic bridge called the Svatopluk with all its gold and ornate ironwork as shown in blog #17.  Can you see the pendulum on the hill?

This is a functional metronome which replaced a statue of Stalin, the metronome is 23 meters high.

Lamp post on the bridge still with the Prague Crest, the arm and the sword.

Closeup of one or the statues high above the bridge on marble columns.

Decorations on the side of the bridge.

Thanks for looking, Mike

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  1. Very moving post Mike. we ''baby boomers' have no real idea of the suffering that went on ... we need to remember and never forget. Yes, why has it taken us so long to remember those very brave and courageous people .
    E xx