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Sunday, 23 August 2015


Hi all,
we thoroughly enjoyed our trip out on Saturday even though it was a bit warm.  Of course there were tractors but lots of other things as well, Ferrets of course (thanks for the link Daisy). Also lots and lots of Classic Cars, Wood carving, Spinning, Morris dancing, Shire Horses and lots of things for the children. Great selection of food as well, the show was very well run with all the usual amenities.

Ford Capri

Austin A40

Old Vauxhall

Ford Zodiac

Austin Seven

Ford Zephur Zodiac, we used to call an "Aircraft Carrier" as you could land a plane on it's long bonnet.

Old Tractor....................

..............New Tractor.

Convenience Tractor.

One way to chop the firewood.

Tractor in need of Tender Loving Care

Finally spotted between some cars, this made me chuckle. Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. Sorry Mike I think your A35 is an A40!

  2. Hi Michael, some lovely old and vintage cars and tractors, pity some people have to be so picky' lovely the duck. Mrs Egg.

  3. Smashing photos of some lovely old cars ............. love the duck

  4. Thanks girls for your encouragement. If I was getting paid for doing this I would understand BUT I'm not. One thing that comes out of all this is that if you make a mistake people soon come up and correct you which adds to the amount of visitors to the blog so a win win situation.
    Still I enjoy taking pictures and will continue to do so. "FOUR SPRUNG DUCK TECHNICK" XXX