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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Headcorn with the KSACC and our Visitor

Hi again folks,
Last weekend the club visited Smarden in Kent and what a weekend it was, with lots of camping friends and this unexpected visitor .

We were camped a mile down the road from the Combined Operation and Military Vehicle Event in Headcorn and the Vulcan turned around right over the top of us to go back across the airfield.

What a wonderful sight.

Then time for cup of tea, bless her.

Whilst having our tea I noticed these feet in the grass with the big toe pointing upwards. I wonder who they belong to?

Brandon phoning home.

Then a walk in the trees next to the camp site and found this.

Followed by this scary tomb with flashing eyes

As evening fell it was time for a get together with our hosts Lesley and Chris, note the van with it's new Invicta flag Tony and Gloria visited us for the evening from the air show.

The day ended with a fantastic sunset and we all looked forward to a glorious Sunday.
Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. Great shots of the Vulcan Mike

  2. Superb shots of the plane Mike and I love the one of the sunset ... best of all is the fab picture of your Sue ... E xxxx

  3. Mike,
    Thanks again for all the fantastic photography. Love the picture of Sue!!! Summer is coming to an end, which means your time here is drawing closer! Pat and I are so excited to have you spend time here and to celebrate 2016 ringing in!
    Sending love to you both!!