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Monday, 17 October 2016

Remembering Aberfan 1966

Hi folks,
Sorry for not being around but with one thing and another plus a computer meltdown and holidays time has not been on my side, anyway I'M BACK.

This week is the 50th Anniversary of the Aberfan school disaster and as I have been there I thought it would be fitting to do a blog in their memory.
It was a rainy May day when my dear friends Ken and Heather took Sue and I to this tragic spot in the Welsh valleys. We were amazed how green it was, I even changed the cameras white balance to cut it down but it really was that green with all the rain

As you can see it was still raining when we arrived but it did't dampen our quest to go there.

The beautiful gardens were laid out where the school classrooms had stood.

Still with the rain falling we carried on around the area with tears in our eyes as we remembered the black and white images on our old televisions that day. Sue and I had been married only two months.

Very fitting was this tree planted by the Queen in 1997 to grow were so many innocent lives were tragically lost.

Looking out over the valleys with the grey mist and the brightness of the garden.

In memory of those who died a playground was built for the new school build next to the site.

Plaque in the garden wall.

Lastly the school playground gates erected for the living and remembering the dead.

Sorry to return this way but the news will be full of programmes about the tragedy and I ask you to remember those poor children and adults on Friday 21st of October, now 50 years on.

Thanks for looking Mike


  1. Replies
    1. Did the same blog in 2014 when Ken took us. This one has additions and more words and photos, I got upset as I typed it.

  2. Been a full program on it tonight in Wales interviewing survivors and how out happened. can you imagine 30ft high of slurry engulfing everything in its path.

    1. Thanks again for taking us there Something we at our age will never forget.

  3. Beautiful post and fitting tribute to allow us to remember this tragic, horrific day ... God bless them and all the families and survivors.
    Eileen xxxx