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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Night Kites at Walmer

Hi folks,
as a break from the tour we went to Walmer near Deal in Kent today to see LUTS which is light up the sky in aid of Children in need. The club, the Kent Kite Flyers put this on as a yearly event to help raise a bit of cash for the charity.

During the day Sue and Steve flew kites and about 2pm we arrived with a kite on the air on Walmer sea front.

All was fine till when the event was about to start, the the wind dropped, the idea was to fly the night kites with lights on them but with no wind at all the members had to do a static on the ground display.

One of the many kites primed and ready to fly, but with no wind.

To me it was a godsend as the kites were easier to photograph on the ground but a shame for the club after so much effort.

One of the static displays by Len, a lot of time and effort is put into the displays.

One of the kites that should have been flying.

Another of Lens

This kite I tried to get a star burst effect.

One of Mikes displays along with the skeleton head above.

 Lastly on from Heather's with a Dove for peace.

Thanks for joining in and please help with Children in need, Mike


  1. Very nice shame there is nothing local like this

    1. They have always done it down there, normally the is a breeze off the sea but today nothing. Better to take them on the ground anyway.

  2. Very nice Mike. Shame about lack of wind which we normally do not like, but vital for kites. Oh well it reduces the number of reported UFO sightings. Poor joke. All for a good cause, hope it raised plenty. Wonderful looking kites.