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Sunday, 23 October 2016

UP NORTH on tour with Sue and Winnie #3 Lincoln Glass

Hi all,
now we go inside to marvel at the fantastic stained glass windows of the Cathedral.

Entrance door to the Cathedral and today it's stained glass, enjoy......................

There you are hope you enjoyed the stained glass of Lincoln Cathedral, next time is a journey through the Cathedral itself. Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. Nice pictures of double glazing who was the installer. Ha sorry, what an insult. Just a little humour. Wonderful stain glass. I always enjoy and admire the huge amount of work that goes into a window like this. Willi certainly look it up next were up that way. Goodness knows when. Seam to do less traveling since retirement. It's mainly back to Kent or in Wales. Next year planning on Scotland.

    1. Thanks Ken, we loved it up there and only scratched the surface. Definitely going back next year.

  2. Oh my word... so much beauty here with that magnificent stain glass and those reflections on the floor!!! How cool are those pictures!
    Loved this post..
    back tomorrow, morning coffee time! xxxx
    E xxx