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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

UP NORTH on tour with Sue and Winnie #6

Hi folks,
after a bite to eat we had a walk around the city.

Walking done the hill into the city.

The sign on the bridge tickled us.

Under the bridge. 

and from the other side.

Walk along the river.

Stairway to heaven??

Up the steps and into the centre.

The sculpture is called "Empowerment"
Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. Loved my 'walk' with you both.. I know every where that you have been... such a joy your blog posts Mike.. Calm and relaxing with lovely pictures in a busy and sometimes scary world!
    Your blog and our Daisy's Blog delightful!
    E xxx

  2. Thanks Eileen, Sue keeps up with Daisy's Diary and loves doing it. She often sits at the puter laughing at the antics that you all get up to down there.
    Thanks for your comments it does help to keep me going although it is a means to an end as the processed images them go into the cloud and on a separate hard drive so that they are kept forever.
    I have had some problems with the Macbook which is mostly me so I have sold it and bought a laptop PC, now no problems. I did try very hard to master it but in the end of the day I was not enjoying it so its gone now. Onwards and

  3. We appreciate the support we get from Sue and Elaine very much on Daisy Blog.. so many read it and comment to me when I see them.. Its like your blog here... relaxing, gentle with fabulous pictures to look at from you and 'My Family' plus some stunners from Kendo.... Both blogs, for me, are places to escape to from this, at times, horrid world... keep going Mike xxxx

  4. ... You were right to get rid of the Macbook if you were not enjoying it ... life is too short to get stressed! lol