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Thursday, 20 October 2016

UP NORTH on tour with Sue and Winnie, #1

Hi folks,
This is the start of our tour up north the see our friends in Carlisle, fly a kite of two and generally tour around the north and a bit of Scotland. The trip started with the grand city of Lincoln, this was a stopping point for the night and a trip in to Lincoln Cathedral and the town the next day.

This is us on the right with the small table and the small van,(Winnie) is her name, we parked at Hartsholme Country Park on the outskirts of the city so we could get a bus in the next day.

The site had wonderful woods to walk in and large lakes scattered about.

Sue sitting by the water relaxing after the drive and setting up the van which is unique as the front seats both revolve and become become part of the bed at night. (more on this later)

Wildlife on the lake, got any food mister?

Smashing place to sit with lovely railings.

On another part of the park was a boat house and a bridge giving you access to the road on the other side.  

Looking through the slats in the boat house with the lake beyond.

Rotten tree trunk with carving.

Sue in pose mode on the bridge

Lastly a Heron standing there posing, well you have to take a shot don't you.

Thanks for looking, don't forget to click in the images to expand and press the cross in the top right hand corner to return, simples. All the best, Mike


  1. What a wonderful , peaceful, relaxing place this looks Mike... lovely post to start my day with ... AND, I get to see pictures of Sue too!
    E xxx