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Friday, 28 October 2016

UP NORTH on tour with Sue and Winnie #8 Colliery

Hi folks,

Another glorious day at Beamish, first stop on the tram was the colliery which means changing vehicles at the trams do not go down hill. Off the tram and wait for a bus to take us down the hill. The train was magnificent as it gathered steam to go along to the pit.

Very interesting construction with the access to the shaft being above the ground on stilts. This meant a climb up the stares to the mine entrance and this enabled the trains to pass underneath to collect the coal in the wagons.

Next we went into the hall which housed a magic lantern with all it's brass.

Then into the school classroom, I remember those desks.

Talk about nostalgia a teacher used to throw the blackboard rubber at us if we didn't pay attention.

Back outside the horse was bringing firewood to the miners houses.

This was the bus that bought us down the hill into the colliery, waiting to take us back up again.

Walking about and getting hungry I spied this grumpy goat.

Dinner time was approaching to time to try the fish and chips, I liked them, (well I would) made from traditional lard which I had to agree was not to every one's taste in this day and age.

As we queued where in front of us was the fire actually using coal to cook the food. I must admit Sue and  loved them as we sat outside it started to drizzle adding to the flavour of being up north.

That's all for now, thanks for looking  Mike

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