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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Continuing on the nautical theme ~~~~~~~

Hi folks. well this is good, two in a bed, no, two in a day.

Took Daisy to dockyard today, shall we go in the car, shucks no says Sue, let's go on the bus.

Off we trundled down the road with Daisy and pushchair, (she might get tired), 3 coats, (we might get cold) , Toilet seat, (Daisy night want a poo), Picnic, (Lunch is a fortune in there cafe) and of course the camera. Ain't I glad I invested in Micro four Thirds ( low weight) if you don't know about this camera system them Google it. The only comment I will make is that it is useless for sports and fast photography but boy is it easy to carry.

So whilst waiting at the bus stop with all this lot I was wishing I had taken the car. Anyway we had a very sedate and comfortable ride to Chatham and I must admit I was impressed. That's were the went down hill, we arrived at the grotty Pentagon, what a dump, no wonder they are building a new bus station although it looks like you are going to get wet waiting for a bus when it rains. On to a Double decker to go to the dockyard, the journey was only a couple of miles but I wish I had walked. the driver did not have a clue how to drive and we raced along Dock Road at it seemed like about 80 mph. flying round the corners like a man possessed, Perhaps he was in a rush to leave Chatham, I must admit I don't blame him. Leaving the bus with a mild headache we arrived ta the Dockyard.

The main reason for the visit was the Titanic Exhibition which is on till September. What a wonderful exhibition it was only marred by the amount of school children in the place. (sorry I am beginning to sound like Victor). Why don't the teachers have a little chat to them before the enter and to keep the noise down and behave, no such luck. The lot of children who are going to keep me in my old age eventually left and it was BLISS, you could hear a pin drop.

One for Trev, behind glass

I was amazed that you could take photographs in the exhibition side but not in the static exhibits in the right as you entered. looked for my 1.7 - 20mm low light lens and guess what, I left it at home, Doh! still it don't matter. it goes on till September so I can have another crack at it. Here's one I got of the White Star Line Crockery. It is very dark in there so be prepared and take good lenses.

After we trolled around the rest of the Dockyard which we had done many times before and had our picnic in the sunshine. I than remembered the " old Steamer" that we tried to get on Sunday. low and behold it appeared just at Daisy wanted the toilet, her timing is impeccable . Sue, bless took her to the loo whilst I got down to the job in hand to take this "ruddy" boat.

Well Here's one....

And another...

Well the day couldn't be complete without our Daisy, So nite nite from us and a big kiss from Daisy XX.                                                                                                                        


  1. she is not looking at you Mike!

  2. You try, pick up a camera and she's gone.

  3. Hey, Stan and Martin ain't looking at you either.

  4. Not looking directly at the camera is a far more natural shot (in my humble opinion!) Lovey photos ... gonna tell Ken about the Titanic thingy! ...Thanks Mike . Maybe I'll call both you and Trev 'Alice' soon cos you're always looking trough the blooming glass!!!

  5. Call Trev Alice and me the Mad Hatter. I love those low light places and will take my Nikon the next time if I can summon the energy. Thanks for the comments.

  6. Just noticed that you said you can take other other lens to have another "CRACK" at the crockery, oh dear, I don't think they will like that. They said you could take photos not crack the displays. Really worth seeing the exhibition, I didn't get to see too much as I was on Daisy Duty. We played in the Pipe Bending Section next door, she loves that.