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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Daisy doing what she likes best

Hi folks,

I'm back after a bit of a rest due to a bad cold at the week end, all better now.

Not had a lot of free time this week, had Daisy Tues/ Wed and had a great time with her. On Tuesday we had to pick little legs up from Ashford as Ian who normally brings her to us was away for work. Picked her up from home and went to Folkstone, Clare said that she liked it in the play area below the Lees. Off we went but Daisy had other ideas, " want to go to Maidstone" she said, why god only knows. Still pardon Daisy we said and continued on to Folkstone.

Daisy was very proud because  mummy had bought her a new dress and she showed it off to us all the time. We had a picnic which she loves and explored the play area. Well it was wonderful Daisy wanted to play in the sand and was told that if she changed into her plays school clothes  she could. So back to the car we went and she understood why she had to change.

Back to the play area we went, shoes and socks off, away she went

She really like the play kitchen area and set about making some pastry.

Let's do some sieving, I think the spelling is ok.

Then she started to get adventurous and climbed the large slide with a nervous Dad Dad behind. All of a sudden she was not nervous any more and climbed to the top.

And slid all the way down.

She really enjoyed herself and wanted to relax in a boat.

Well she and we had a great time down there as she was very tired on the way back home in the car after changing back into her new dress.

Had tea and a cuddle.

Then off she went to her "secret" bed.

nite nite all, Mike X


  1. Oh Mike ...what a lovely post :) A beautiful little girl having a super, happy time along with some wonderful pictures .... she's a total delight.:) x