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Friday, 1 July 2011

Girls with boys toys

Hi folks,

As you know we have Daisy most weeks and she does love her toys. Whilst in America I spotted the Hexbug nano and decided to get a small set to play with on holiday being a big kid at heart. Well one thing led to another and I got a few more bits to bring home.

Well Daisy loves them and wont stop playing with it, she likes picking them up because they vibrate in her little hand. So one thing led to another and we ordered the Battle bridge set up to add to the track. This means that they can now fight to take charge of the bridge.

Well one thing led to another and now we have Elevation which allows you to run at two levels. Why is it that I always go overboard with this sort of thing,

Must be a big  kid at heart.

Here we are the little big kid playing.( wearing her hat as the sun was shining and her P J's as she had just got up).

Bye bye  luv Mike


  1. she looks lovely Mike
    Maybe Daisy should have been a boy.

  2. No thanks, I'm glad that she is a girl.

  3. Nice to see her having fun .... good 'ol granddad! xx

  4. So That's why Granddad's not been flying recently to busy with his "Hexbugs"