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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What a week !

Hi folks,

Well sorry I haven't been about, it's been quite a week what with Daisy's and my birthdays, plus trouble with the puter again. Well never mind, thanks to you all for all the good wishes on my momentous birthday, I'm going backwards from now on.  A BIG thank you for my lovely card Eileen.

Well It's Tuesday again so Daisy is back with us. As it was nice we packed a picnic and set off the Riverside Country park with Margaret our friend from up the road and Maddy, her granddaughter.

This is Daisy taking Maddy's toy dog for a walk, this as about a close to owning a pet at she will get. Watch out Daisy and Holly.

Daisy loves the Riverside although she was a bit overwhelmed due to the amount of children there as it was the holiday. She is getting more adventurous as the weeks go by.

This is her at the end of the session, totally worn out.

Still the day was young as after the picnic we went to the Barn Yard to feed the ducks. This a wonderful place for children with lots of animals around.

We found the not not Neddies who were a bit fed up after having a haircut and I think needed a coat to wear.

This one is for Daisy the dog on the other blog. See these dont mind the mud up to there tummies.

Well we all came home totally exhausted but had a lovely day.

nite nite,luv Mike XX


  1. A nice one of the pigs Mike

  2. Awwww Daisy is so sweet Mike .... I just love the puppy! Glad you like the card.... I did show it to D&H and they agreed it was good enough to send to you XX