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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Well it's the laptop

Hi folk's

Well the main computer is a bit sick so I am now on the little laptop till it gets better.

Have been a bit busy this week so have not taken any pictures. Spent the day today in the garden and watching F1. What a race, full of drama and even a fire, who says it's boring and as a bonus Jenson won.

Will try to do better as I was told at school.

Well here's one of the American trip taken in Naples Florida Zoo.

Lots happening over the next two weeks, watch this space and all will be revealed

nite nite Mike.


  1. Woohoo ..well at least the Lappy seems ok !Wonder whats going on over the next two week??

    I hope I don't miss anything but Ken and I are off to Tobermory at the end of the week. I will take my lappy and call in whenever I can .... Some signals are naff there :( xx

  2. Going to see the other Ken, G4GJA and off to Barmouth, then we have little legs for a few days. So no more work for a week or two.