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Monday, 18 July 2011

Going back to the Titanic.

Hi folks,
As most of you are aware, the Titanic exhibition is on till 30th September in the Dockyard Chatham.

As it was not very nice yesterday, Sue and I decided to take a second look. Like a lot of attractions now you only pay once for the whole year so a visit is well worth it. I took my low light lens this time for another "crack" at the china.

Close up of one of the plates

This one was a bit sad, the watch came from the wreck and shows the time when the ship went down.

Kate's famous necklace from the film although I had Trev's problem with reflections as It was behind perspex.

A couple of shots of a model showing the ship on the bottom, this much have taken a long time to reproduce as there is very fine detail in it.

Lastly a shot across the exhibition floor showing the wonderful displays, well worth a visit.

Well a least it kept us out of the rain.

Bye for now, luv Mike


  1. Lovely Pictures Mike .... Great displays as you say but sad at the same time. I am going down to see it with Ken after we come back from our hols!!

  2. I meant to comment on the 'China Crack!' ha ha or as we Hams say.... hi hi x

  3. Oh dear it get worse, but nice

  4. Fantastic pics we went in the summer but sadly didn't take many pictures. wished we had as my daughter now needs them for a school project typical x