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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Waiting for the Kingswear Castle ??

Hi folks,
What a nice day Sunday was.

Sue and I decided to go to the Dockyard and see the Trains we have to go there anyway as our yearly ticket has run out. Quickly phoned Tony and Glo to check how he was due to him having his Knee scraped the other week. Pop over they said, so off we went to see then and the new Porche, well not new really but new to them. After about an hour and a half nattering we set off for the Dockyard. Well it's like this, it was then 2.55 pn  so we went over to Strood, through the industrial estate down to the river just in timre to MISS a great shot of the Kingwear Castle against the Dockyard wall. Undeterred we sat and watched the boats going up and down the river.
It was very tranquil down there, we has our picnic lunch and Sue the fell asleep, bless her, she has worked twice as hard as me this week. I know I thought, lets try the 300mm lens out ( stop yawning Eileen), I had to pass the time away somehow until the Kingswear castle returned at 5 pm. This is all OTL's fault as in an earlier one of his blog he didn't recognise it. I was waiting for it's return and I thought it would go past our spot and I could snap it to use a technical photographic term

A shot down river looking at No1 slip.

This is about as close as I got to the Dockyard but the old 300mm lens came up trumps.

Well I started to yawn (again) at this stage, there I was on my own with Sue fast asleep (bless).

Ho  look a Swam I cried as if I had never seen one before, come on Kingswear I was getting really bored at this point.

I was going off my head by now, I started to think I could get a gull to do the same as Ken's Tern with it's wing aloft, no such luck this one had a stomach full of chips.from McDonalds.

Here it comes I cried, waking poor Sue up, did it come past me to turn.........No, it docked down river and I waited another 20 minutes and it did not budge so we went home.

 Never mind as we arrived home I looked across and the Clematis was in full flower so I took one of that instead of the  silly old Kingswear Castle. I well get it one day, I am on a mission..

Well that's it, Chicken for tea Daisy and Holly.

Nite nite luv Mike X


  1. I like the Seacry Mike, Poor Eileen she must be tried.

  2. Yep, the lens seems to be doing the business.

    Got gaps in between the pics now, silly blog........ oh what the heck.

  3. Now is a Swam a new or extinct creature like Ken's Moth, sorry, I shall edit it later when Ekim is not looking. A good day, pity about the Kingswear Castle,it was a perfect day for a cruise.

  4. yer we should have jumped on it!!

  5. That was a funny post Mike. I enjoyed reading it and did not yawn!! (much!) :)

    Just love the fact that you missed the ruddy boat and the comment about the Tern with the tummy full of chips made me laugh out loud ..... great fun :)

    Lovely flowers, D&H were most impressed. They remarked that 'Uncle Trevor's' post was about dusty 'ol military cars and lorries.... they like it when he takes pictures of birds and flowers! Regards to your editor x lol !Ex