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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Back to the Summer

HI folks,

Sorry I was a bit down on the last post but I need my daily fix on photography and with the weather as it is that's hard to do. Still life is for living so I trolled back through my images of the last year and came up with a few I have not shown before. On a past trip to Haysden Lake, in a wonderful setting on the outskirts of Tonbridge in Kent I managed these to brighten up your dull snowy day.

Around the banks of the lake, this Thistle caught my eye.

Stand by! Canada Geese on a flypast

Greylag Goose about to land

Greylags on a flypast.

Followed by Canada Goose.

Stand by drop undercarriage!

Caught this Swan in the evening light, all tucked up and ready for bed.

Lastly a scene across the small fishing lake as we packed up to go home.

There, I hope that brightened up your day, it certainly did for me even whilst sitting here in the gloom of winter looking out of the window.

Thanks for looking, have a good day.

Luv Mike XX


  1. Dear Mike, you certainly know how to cheer us all up on these wintry days !
    Thank you, you've saved my sanity and fancy having those fabulous shots hidden away......Smacked wrists for you my lad !! LOL
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Thanks Michael for brighting up my dreary day, with photos of geese in flight.and a reminder of what to expect in a few months time, HOSEPIPE BAN.
    keep warm.

  3. Those Graylags make a good shot Mike,

    Near 6" of snow here today, yuck

  4. I love the last shot of the Fishing lake.. all the other pictures are great, but I wanted to stay at the side of the lake, in the sun, and just ..... dream away the day ..
    E xx