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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Mote Park- New Years Day

Hi folks,

right, 2013 is here and I was up bright and early and was at the park when they unlocked the gate. This is what I managed to capture.

Down by the lake, most the birds were still sleeping and the sun had not long popped it's head up, a most beautiful time of the day and the colours were amazing.

The amount of rain that we have had is reaching and all time record so much so you can see that the lake is overflowing.

So quite her early in the morning with only the occasional dog walker about. The same scene two hours on was quite different, the serenity of the place had gone. The colours had changed and it was just like a normal day in the park.

Most of the birds still asleep at the other end of the lake but were beginning to wake up and search for food. I love taking pictures of Swans as it is very difficult to get the without blowing the whites of there plumage out. This one posed for me whilst waiting for food.

Reflections are one of my loves in photography and some times it pays off, the concrete was actually under water, just.

Last one for today, showing the extent of the rainfall that we have had. I have been longing for the sunshine for nearly two weeks and finally we are rewarded. Makes living in England's green and pleasant land worthwhile. The main reason for coming was to fly some kites, more on that subject tomorrow

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. One of your very best posts Mike... fabulous pictures ... love them ALL!
    E xx

  2. What a lovely start to 2013. beautiful photos of Mote Park, the early sun giving great colours to the trees and the reflection of the swan in the lake.

  3. Beautifully serene post.......But then all your posts
    are interesting with lots of variety....your reflection shots are second to none them !!!
    Chris and Dave R